XBrittany's Replacement

Brittany hurt her ankle while running down the hall, and now she's unable to do her duties at school! Who will be her replacement?

XAnimals Sing Alvin

Animals love Alvin songs as much as you do and sing some of their favorites!

XRosie the Snake

Who will be the lucky student to take home the class pet... Rosie the Snake!

XKarate Master

Alvin is feeling discouraged because he thinks his karate skills aren't good enough. Until he shows a friendly police man his skills and is encouraged to continue pursuing his dream!

XTime Traveling Simon

It looks like Simon has been playing with his time travel machine and now his brother can't find him! He could be anywhere in the past or the future!

XCamp Songs

The Chipmunks and Chipettes are off to camp! Will they get through the long drive by learning new camp songs!?

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