XDIY Daily - Blaze Healthy Party Snacks

Kids are sure to dig these healthy Blaze and the Monster Machines party treats!

XDIY Daily - Blaze Light Riders Scratch Paper

Kids can light up the night like Blaze with this super-charged art project

XDIY Daily - Blaze STEM Activity Pack

See if you can help AJ and Blaze solve these science, technology, engineering and math problems!

XDIY Daily - Blaze Light Riders Craft

Make a glow-in-the-dark Blaze out of clay with this great make-together craft.

XDIY Daily - Blaze Maze Pack

Ready? Set? Let's Blaaaaze through this maze pack!

XZeg Colouring Page

Colour in Zeg from Blaze and the Monster Machines! Add sequins for some extra sparkle!

Age: 2-6

Blaze Printables