Background Art
XFriendship Garden

At Nick Jr. we need kids' help to create a beautiful Friendship Garden! Work with Chase, Rocky, Blaze, Molly, and Gil to collect all the items they'll need to plan, plant and perfect the garden. When kids are done, Shimmer and Shine will use their magic to bring everything together!

Age: 3-6

XBlaze: Race to the Top of the World!

Gear up for the race of a lifetime with Blaze and the Monster Machines!

Age: 3-6

XRoad Maze

Blaze is racing to find new truck parts in this maze adventure!

XNick Jr. Firefighters

Molly, Marshall, and Blaze need help earning their firefighter rescue badges! Come on!

Age: 3-6

XDragon Island Race

Who will get to the top of Mount Dragon first? Blaze and AJ need help to speed past Crusher's obstacles to win the Dragon Island Duel!

Age: 3-6

XTune Up

Tune Up

XRace to the Rescue!

CrusherÂ’s trying to win the big race by cheating, but with your child's help Blaze plans to burst CrusherÂ’s trouble bubbles! Get ready to race to the rescue with Blaze!

Age: 4-7

Blaze Games