XGasquatch on the Go

Race down the river with Blaze and AJ, who are on their way to rescue Gasquatch and his runaway raft.

Blaze: Gasquatch on the Go
XLaser Bugs

AJ must defeat a swarm of laser bugs in order to save Blaze in time for the Dragon Island Duel!

Blaze: Laser Bugs
XDownhill Slide

Count along with Blaze, AJ, and Zeg to help them determine the size of their speeding sled!

Blaze: Downhill Slide
XMeet the Mud Monster

Blaze and AJ find a new friend in a monster machine who loves mud puddles.

Blaze: Meet the Mud Monster
XSuper Mountain Climb

Starla is on her way up the mountain to earn the super mountain climbing badge! Can Blaze and AJ help her?

Blaze: Super Mountain Climb
XFollow That Sound Wave

Follow the sound wave with Blaze, AJ and Stripes to locate the croaking cave frog!

Blaze: Follow That Sound Wave

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