XWind Power

Set sail with Blaze and the Monster Machines! All you need is a little help from the wind!

Blaze: Wind Power
XSuper Fan Quiz: the Fast and the Furriest

Start your engines, super fans! It's time to test your knowledge of Nick Jr.'s fastest and furriest friends!

Super Fan Quiz: the Fast and the Furriest

What makes two different things stick together? You know the reason! It's all about Adhesion!

Blaze: Adhesion

It's hard to go the distance when you've got too much resistance. Friction can slow you down!

Blaze: Friction
XNick Jr. Mix Ups: Funny Friends

What happens when Nella combines with a kite? Find out and see more fun Nick Jr. mix ups!

Nick Jr. Mix Ups: Funny Friends

When it's time to move, you're gonna need a smashing, rocking, and rolling force to get you going!

Blaze: Force

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