XThe Big Loop-De-Loop

Watch Crusher and Pickle conquer the big loopdy loop while AJ and Blaze cheer them on!

Blaze: The Big Loop-De-Loop
XLightning Speed

Blaze must steer away from the clouds with electric charges to make sure he doesn't get hit by lightning!

Blaze: Lightning Speed
XCrocodile Cave

When crocodiles block their path in a tunnel, Blaze and Stripes must loop around them!

Blaze: Crocodile Cave
XPixel Pictures: Blaze

Watch as these pixels come together to create a picture. Who will it be?

Blaze: Pixel Pictures: Blaze
XThe Right Track

When Crusher breaks the track, Blaze and his friends must put it back together!

Blaze: The Right Track
XNick Jr. Create: Blaze's Racing Flag

Zoom on over and check out how to make your own awesome racing flag, just like Blaze's!

Nick Jr. Create: Blaze's Racing Flag

Blaze Videos