XMix Up Machine #19

Help the Bubble Guppies, Blaze, and his monster machine friends in this mix up machine video full of games!

Mix Up Machine #19
XBlaze's Best Songs

They're Blaze's best songs ever! Sing along with Blaze and his friends to all of these awesome tunes.

Blaze: Blaze's Best Songs
XIt's Your Hair

Prepare for some great hairdos! Join Sunny as she gives her Nick Jr. friends amazing new hairstyles!

Silly Short: It's Your Hair
XNick Jr. Mix-Ups: The Fast and The Furriest

Can't decide if you prefer fast or furry? With these silly Nick Jr. character combos, you won't have to!

Nick Jr. Mix-Ups: The Fast and The Furriest
XNick Jr. Paper Pals

Colorful paper comes to life and forms your favorite Nick Jr. friends in this craft video!

Nick Jr. Paper Pals
XSnack Stories

Watch fruits, vegetables, and tasty snacks come to life and become your favorite Nick Jr. friends!

Craft: Snack Stories

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