XWhat's the Angle?

Blaze and AJ must identify the angle in order to make it through the recycling plant to catch the spin brush!

Blaze: What's the Angle?
XMoooving Down the River

Blaze, AJ, and Starla ride down the currents of a river to catch up with a raft full of cows!

Blaze: Moooving Down the River
XLight Riders Race

Race with Blaze and the Monster Machines as they transform into Light Riders

Light Riders Race
XWater Sprayer Jump

Use the ramp with Blaze and AJ to jump on to the tall building and retrieve the missing water sprayers!

Blaze: Water Sprayer Jump
XNick Jr. Surprise Eggs

Let's open up some surprise eggs! After a hint or two, guess which Nick Jr. friends are inside!

Nick Jr. Surprise Eggs
XAlpha-Beats: Blaze

Sing along and go through the alphabet with all of your favorite Blaze characters!

Alpha-Beats: Blaze

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