XGood Hair Day

Help the Bubble Guppies stop Scissor City's super villain, The Hairball!

Age: 3-6

XFriendship Garden

At Nick Jr. we need kids' help to create a beautiful Friendship Garden! Work with Chase, Rocky, Blaze, Molly, and Gil to collect all the items they'll need to plan, plant and perfect the garden. When kids are done, Shimmer and Shine will use their magic to bring everything together!

Age: 3-6

XNick Jr. Firefighters

Molly, Marshall, and Blaze need help earning their firefighter rescue badges! Come on!

Age: 3-6

XFirefighter Knights to the Rescue!

Oh No! There's a fire breathing dragon flying around the kingdom. Will you help Molly and Gil find him and put out the fires?

Age: 2-5

XAmazing Bubble Puppy

Bubble Guppies - Amazing Bubble Puppy

XBubble Scrubbies

Molly (Tissue Girl) and Gil (Soaper Boy) need your kidÂ’s heroic help to capture Running Nose, clean up his acts, and prevent germs from spreading to the town folks!

Age: 3-6

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