XMix Up Machine #15

It's time for another Nick Jr. mix up machine. Let's see which one of our friends pops up first!

Mix Up Machine #15
XNick Jr. Mix-Ups: Crazy Combos

What do you get when you combine Rocky and a walkie-talkie? Find out and see more crazy combos!

Nick Jr. Mix-Ups: Crazy Combos
XSuper Fan Quiz: Animal Friends

Hey Nick Jr. Super Fans! It's time to show what you know about your favorite animal friends!

Super Fan Quiz: Animal Friends
XBlock Party: Play Ball

Welcome to the Noggin Block Party! Your Noggin friends look cuter than ever while working together.

Block Party: Play Ball
XFind the Sharks

Sharks have taken over Nick Jr.! Can you find the sharks in these clips?

Find the Sharks
XSurprise Egg Bath Fizzers

Let's have some fun with surprise egg bath fizzers, and see which one of our Nick Jr. friends pops up first!

Surprise Egg Bath Fizzers

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