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XBlast Off

Blast off into space in this Nick Jr. collection of space games!

XHalloween Sticker Fun

Create your own Halloween stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

XDora Saves the Farm

And on that farm there was a ... Dora? Dora is visiting Benny's farm and needs your child's help with the animals, like getting the baby pigs back in their pigpen!

Age: 3-6

XDora Candy Land

Dora, Diego, and their friends love to play Candy Land. Join in, board-game style, but use your mouse to make the plays.

Age: 4-6

XPerrito's Puppy Tricks

Dora is training her puppy, Perrito, to fetch, roll over, sit, and jump. Can you help?

Age: 3-5

XLittle Cooks

Dora is baking a cake and needs your help!

XDora Rocks Sing-Along Game

That sneaky fox, Swiper, has swiped Dora's special microphone and instruments. She needs your child's help to get them back for Benny's big sing-along party!

Age: 3-6

XChristmas Carol Adventure

Swiper needs your help! Collect presents and then listen to the clues to figure out which shape, color, and patterned box holds the right present.

Age: 3-5

XDora's Pegasus Adventure Game

Oh, no! A meteor shower has sent Pegaso's constellation friends running from their homes. Dora's flying-horse friend needs your child's help to find and bring them back.

Age: 3-6

XDora's Royal Rescue

Dora's new quest is in Story Castle, and she needs your child's help to solve riddles and rescue Don Quixote!

Age: 3-6

XExploring Isa's Garden

Dora needs your help to locate her friend Isa in her garden. You'll need your listening and color naming skills to lead the way!

Age: 2-6

XDora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

It's an adventure to stop the greedy king by rescuing all of the missing crystals from their storybooks!

Age: 3-6

XDora's Mermaid Adventure

Dolphins, whales, and crabs, oh my! Save the ocean creatures from a trashy life by vacuuming up all the litter and return the crown to Mariana the Mermaid.

Age: 4-6

XDora's Playtime with the Twins

Pretend you're baby-sitting! What do the babies need to make them happy?

Age: 3-4

XDora's Ballet Adventure Game

Dora and Boots are ready to perform, but the show can't go on without your kids' help! Pick the moves and watch the dancing duo leap into action!

Age: 3-6

XFirst Day at School

It's Boots' and Tico's first day of school but they don't know the way. Dora does, but she needs your help! Preschoolers can practice number skills as they lead the way.

Age: 4-5

XDora Saves the Snow Princess

Dora is going to find the magic snowflakes for the Snow Princess before they melt. Do you want to fly with Pegasus and Dora through the snowy forest and help?

Age: 4-6

XDora's Star Mountain Mini-Golf

Help Dora swing to hit the ball. But watch out for traps. You and Dora's Explorer Star friends may need to help!

Age: 4-6

XDora's World Adventure!

Travel around the world with Dora and Swiper and collect the missing friendship bracelets. Take balloon rides and get a passport stamp for each new country you visit.

Age: 4-6

XDora's Magical Garden

Quickly and easily, thanks to Dora's magic grow dust! Kids add the dust and water, of course, to a seed they want to grow.

Age: 4-6

XDora Super Silly Costume Maker

Thanks to the Super Silly Costume Machine, Dora and Diego's clothes will make you laugh.

Age: 2-4

XDora Star Catching

To help Dora catch stars, kids click on stars and match them to a pocket.

Age: 4-5

XWhere's Map?

Tag! YouÂ’re it! Map is hiding somewhere in the jungle and Dora needs to find him. Can you help her?

Age: 2-4

XCrocodile Lake

Dora and Boots are going on a trip to Crocodile Lake. Can you help them stop Swiper and safely cross Crocodile Lake?

Age: 3-5

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