XPirate Adventure

Dora and friends are on a mission to find the missing treasure chest!

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Pirate Adventure
XSuper Sonic Science: Blue Baby Dino

Baby Dino is hungry! Help Dora and Diego figure out what Baby Dino eats.

Super Sonic Science: Blue Baby Dino
XThe Pumpkin Patch

In order to go through the pumpkin patch, Dora, Boots, and Little Monster must find the pumpkins that match!

DTE: The Pumpkin Patch
XABC Animals

The animals are missing from Alphabet Forest, so Dora must track down the creatures from aardvark to zebra!

DTE: ABC Animals
XI Speak Spanish Song

Boots speaks Spanish and English, too! He likes them both. How about you?

Dora the Explorer: Boots' 'I Speak Spanish' Song
XFind the Kittens

Help Dora, Boots, and Diego use a night light so they can find the kittens in the dark!

DTE: Find the Kittens

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