Background Art
XDiego's Hermit Crab Rescue

Diego can help your preschooler use colors and patterns to paint new shells for the hermit crabs!

Age: 4-6

XSnowboard Rescue

Diego needs help snowboarding down the mountain so he can save animals. Help him do excelente trick jumps too!

Age: 4-6

XDiego's Safari Rescue

Diego needs to bang his drum to undo the magic spell that's turned all the animals into rocks, trees, and bushes. Help him save the animals.

Age: 3-5

XDiego's Puzzle Pyramid

It's the day of the Big Puzzle Party, and Diego can't wait to get there. But he'll have to use his skills to solve some puzzles first.

Age: 4-6

XRain Forest Adventure

Help Diego run through the rain forest, taking pictures of the anaconda and macaw, without slipping on banana peels!

Age: 4-6

Diego Games