XPumpkin Pie

It's Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night and Hazel, Lavender, and Posie's pumpkin won't stop growing!

Little Charmers: Pumpkin Pie
XNick Jr. Halloween Costumes

It's Halloween and your Nick Jr. favourites are getting into costume in this special video! See what Dora and Friends, the Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig and the PAW Patrol pups dress up as.

Nick Jr.: Halloween Costumes
XCheering for Cupcakes

When Mrs. Charming has trouble baking cupcakes without magic, the Charmville cheer squad cheers her on!

Little Charmers: Cheering for Cupcakes
XCaterpillar Chaos

The Charmers chase down a mess making caterpillar through Charmville!

Little Charmers: Caterpillar Chaos
XCounting Sheep

Hazel and Lavender try to count sheep to help them fall asleep! But what happens when the sheep escape?

Little Charmers: Counting Sheep
XA Charming Flash Mob

Hazel, Lavender, and Posie couldn't be more excited for their first flash mob doing the Goblin Gallop!

Little Charmers: A Charming Flash Mob

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