XMax and His Kite

While Ruby is trying to play volleyball on the beach, she stops to help Max learn to fly his kite.

Max and Ruby: Max and His Kite
XGrandma's Present

When Grandma gets Max a surprise present, Max ends up giving her surprise of his own!

Max and Ruby: Grandma's Present
XSuper Bunny Ring

When Ruby has trouble finding croutons at the store, Max uses his Super Bunny ring to help her find them!

Max and Ruby: Super Bunny Ring
XIce Skating Routine

When Ruby needs the ice cleared of snow so she can practice her ice skating routine, Max helps her out!

Max and Ruby: Ice Skating Routine
XCape or Crown

It's costume day for Max & Ruby! Max has the choice of being a king or Super Bunny. What will he choose?

Max and Ruby: Cape or Crown
XMax's Paper Airplane

When Max uses a diner menu as a paper airplane, he accidentally advertises the new restaurant all over town!

Max and Ruby: Max's Paper Airplane

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