XNella Connect the Shots

Connect the dots with Nella to reveal all your favorite Nella the Princess Knight characters!

Age: 3-6

Nella the Princess Knight: Connect the Shots
XStopping the Wizard

Nella and her friends have to stop the Wicked Wizard after he takes all of Garrett's trading cards.

Nella: Stopping the Wizard
XIt Takes Two

When Nella’s family gets stuck at the top of a bridge, Nella calls on a giant to help get them down.

Nella: It Takes Two

When the snorkelmanders' beach ball goes flying, Nella steps in to save baby Norma.

Nella: Snorkelmanders
XBe Kind

When a bird makes it hard for Blaine to sleep, Nella explains to him how to talk to the bird in a kind way.

Nella: Be Kind
XA Berry Good Time

When bouncy berries start bouncing everywhere, Nella comes up with a fun way to get rid of them!

Nella: A Berry Good Time

Nella the Princess Knight