XNothing to Fear

Garrett, Trinket, and Clod are scared, so Nella sings a song about how to be brave and overcome their fears!

Nella: Nothing to Fear
XThe Lava Challenge

Ryan loves completing the lava challenge with his parents! Can our other Nick Jr friends do it, too?

The Lava Challenge
XBlock Party: Squishies

Let's have some fun with our favorite Nick Jr. characters as they turn into squishy blocks!

Block Party: Squishies
XBlock Party: Block Friends Forever

It's time to block n' roll with your Nick Jr. best friends. Sing along to this catchy Block Party tune!

Block Party: Block Friends Forever
XBlock Party: Quest for the Golden Cube

It's a Nick Jr. Block Party! Watch your Nick Jr. Friends work together to get through ancient tombs and traps!

Block Party: Quest for the Golden Cube
XHow to be a Royal Hero

Follow these five simple steps and you can become a royally awesome hero, just like Nella!

Nella: How to be a Royal Hero

Nella the Princess Knight Videos