XThe Broken Map

Nella and her friends are on their way to Minatori's house when their map breaks in two!

Nella: The Broken Map
XDifferent Pages

Nella and Garrett have to work together and come up with an idea for the Royal Science Expo!

Nella: Different Pages
XStopping the Wizard

Nella and her friends have to stop the Wicked Wizard after he takes all of Garrett's trading cards.

Nella: Stopping the Wizard
XGiant Fun

When Nella's giant friends, Trevor and Grud, aren't getting along, she shows them how to have fun together!

Nella: Giant Fun
XMore Adventures with Nella

Check out the adventures of Princess Nella, Sir Garrett, Clod, Trinket, and more!

More Adventures with Nella
X1, 2, 3 Color! Nella and Friends

Before Nella and her friends set off on their next quest, watch them come to life in this 1,2,3 Color!

1, 2, 3 Color! Nella and Friends

Nella the Princess Knight Videos