Background Art
XNI HAO, KAI-LAN - "Music Show"


XDJ Hoho's Dance Party

DJ Hoho and Kai-lan are throwing a dance party and you're invited! Help light up the lanterns by clicking on the colored musical notes and matching musicians.

Age: 3-4

XNI HAO, KAI-LAN - "Rhyming"


XJourney To Monkey King's Castle Colouring Book

Get six pages of coloring fun with Kai-lan & pals

Age: 3-4

XKai-lan's Puddle Hop!

Will you help Kai-Lan hop in the water puddles so the animals and flowers can come out after the rain? Watch out for the mud puddles, logs, and rocks.

Age: 4-6

XKai-lan Colorable Flower Shapes

Create a long lasting bouquet for Mom!

XRintoo's Dragon Boat Rowing Race!

Today is the Dragon Boat Festival! Two boats are going to race down the river and Rintoo needs some help so he can row with Hoho and win the race.

Age: 5-6

XNi Hao Kai-lan Hat Template: Hoho

Create your very own Hoho hat.

XKai-lan's Happy & Sad Chinese Mask

Double-sided dramatics to turn around any frown!

Age: 3-4

XKai-lan's Foldable Valentine Envelopes

Make Kai-lan's Pocket Valentines!

XKai-lan's Valentine's Day Card

Show how much you care by giving this card to a friend, family member, or teacher.

XKai-lan Valentine 3-D Heart Card

Send a card with a popping heart!

XKai-lan's Paper Fortune Teller

The future looks bright with Kai-lan and friends

XKai-lan Backyard Campout: Spot the Differences

Do these pictures match? Look closely!

Age: 5-6

XMake an Origami Grasshopper

Four fast folds is all it takes!

Age: 5-6

XEasy Origami Panda

Make Tolee's favorite animal in a snap

Age: 5-6

XMake an Origami Tiger

Tiger. Tiger. Roaaaar!

Age: 5-6

XChinese New Year Money Envelope

Print them and watch them Go Go Go!

Age: 5-6

XKai-lan's Fortune Slips

What does the future hold? Print and find out!

Age: 5-6

XKai-lan's Lantern Party Invitation

Let Kai-lan light the way to your party.

Age: 5-6

XKai-lan's Father's Day Pop-Up Card

Pop out a Pop-ular gift to Pop or Grandpa on Father's Day.

XJourney To Monkey King's Castle Colouring Book 2

Age: 2-4

XJourney To Monkey King's Castle Colouring Book 3

Age: 2-4

XJourney To Monkey King's Castle Colouring Book 4

Age: 2-4