XFollow That Frog

He can hop but he can't hide! Marshall is in over his head training his frog Smiley for a jumping competition.

PAW Patrol: Follow That Frog
XMighty Pups Theme Song

No job is too big or small when it comes to these awesome Mighty Pups. Sing along with this catchy tune!

PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Theme Song
XBatter Up

Things get messy when the pups help Mr. Porter complete his cake for the contest!

PAW Patrol: Batter Up
XAlex the Giant

Alex the Giant is on the loose and making it "ruff" on all of Adventure Bay!

PAW Patrol: Alex the Giant
XPirate's Lair

The PAW Patrol comes across a paw-some discovery when they rescue Cap'n Turbot from a cave.

PAW Patrol: Pirate's Lair
XThe Bone in the Stone

Marshall plays a brave knight, but has stage fright! Will he overcome his fear in the pups' Medieval play?

PAW Patrol: The Bone in the Stone

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