XNick Jr. Villains Song

It's time to sing about your favorite Nick Jr. villains! They laugh and shriek, but they're so fun to love!

Music: Nick Jr. Villains Song
XPinkie Pals: Get Ready for School

Sing along with your favorite Nick Jr. Pinkie Pals as they get ready to learn what school is all about!

Pinkie Pals: Get Ready for School
XWarm & Fuzzy Holiday Song

Our greatest wish for the holidays is to spend time with our Nick Jr. friends and family.

Music: Warm & Fuzzy Holiday Song
XIcy Train Tracks

Ride the rails with the pups! They need to clear a fallen tree off the tracks before the train hits it!

PAW: Icy Train Tracks
XFixing the Boat

Cap'n Turbot needs help patching a hole in his boat! Luckily, Ryder and Rocky have a plan!

PAW: Fixing the Boat
XIce Road Puppies

Get ready for a bumpy ride with Ryder and the pups! They're driving on ice and need to get back to the road!

PAW: Ice Road Puppies

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