XStory Time: Zeta Sleeps Over
Story Time: Zeta Sleeps Over
XTop Shimmer and Shine Adventures

It's time to go through Shimmer and Shine's most genie-rrifc moments with your favorite genies!

Top Shimmer and Shine Adventures
XNick Jr. Magical Creatures

Prepare to be amazed as we take a look inside Nick Jr.'s magical creatures guide book!

Nick Jr. Magical Creatures
XGlitter Jars
Glitter Jars
XNick Jr. Slime Song

It's time for some slime! Slime music, that is! Listen to your favorite songs with slime as the instrument.

Nick Jr. Slime Song
XPinkie Pals Fun

It's time to have some fun with our Pinkie Pal friends and sing along to this video!

Pinkie Pals Fun

Shimmer & Shine Videos