XGems or Cookies?

Nazboo and his family were supposed to take Shimmer and Shine's gems, but leave with their cookies instead!

S&S: Gems or Cookies?
XMagic Rainbow Water

Shimmer, Shine, and Leah need to hurry to save Lili and Sai without their magic before it's too late!

S&S: Magic Rainbow Water
XLet's Count

Let's count UmiCars, magic carpets, and pup treats with our favorite Nick Jr. friends!

Let's Count
XAll Tangled Up

When Zeta and Nazboo try to run away with the jewel gem, it goes out of control tangling them in vines!

S&S: All Tangled Up
XSnow Much Fun Song

We're having snow much fun this winter! Come sing and dance along with all of your Nick Jr. friends!

Music: Snow Much Fun Song
XNick Jr. Boo Fest Song

Sing along with your Nick Jr. friends at the Boo Fest as they celebrate the spookiness of Halloween!

Music: Nick Jr. Boo Fest Song

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