XSuperfan Quiz: Know Your Nick Jr.

Do you know your Nick Jr.? Test your knowledge on your favorite cadets, pups, genies, salon owners, and more!

Superfan Quiz: Know Your Nick Jr.
XThe Sneezy Bug

Shimmer, Shine, and Leah run into a sneezy bug that is sneezing giant glitter bubbles!

S&S: The Sneezy Bug
XRunaway Pets

When Tala and Nahal run away, it's up to Leah to find them!

S&S: Runaway Pets
XIt's All About Teamwork

Dance along with Shimmer and Shine as they demonstrate the power of working together in this musical video.

S&S: It's All About Teamwork
XShiver Cone Frenzy

When Zeta becomes Leah's genie, she has to make a bunch of yummy shiver cones.

S&S: Shiver Cone Frenzy
XNick Jr. Face Painting: Shimmer

Learn how you can look like one of your favorite genies with some zahramazing face painting.

Nick Jr. Face Painting: Shimmer

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