XThe Shark Sub

Milli, Bot, and Geo need to stop Little Trouble by building a super shark submarine.

Team Umizoomi: The Shark Sub
XTeam Umizoomi Aquarium Adventure

Angelfish, octopuses, seahorses… they're all missing from the tanks! With Team Umizoomi's help, gamers go on a mission to put them back before the aquarium opens.

Age: 3-6

Team Umizoomi Aquarium Adventure
XMoo-ving Right Along

Milli, Geo, and Bot need to put all of the cows back in their correct stalls. Can you help them?

Team Umizoomi: Moo-ving Right Along
XBalancing with Ellee

Watch as Ellee walks the tightrope over the street with Bot, Milli, and Geo on her head!

UMI: Balancing with Ellee
XThe Library Adventure

Milli, Geo, and Bot are looking for a book at the library, and they need your help finding it!

UMI: The Library Adventure
XFire Truck Rescue

The alarm at the Umi City Fire Station is ringing! Oh no-a kitty is stuck in a high tree! Team Umizoomi needs your child's help to collect rescue gear and save the day.

Age: 3-6

Team Umizoomi Fire Truck Rescue

Team Umizoomi