XMilli's Printable Pumpkin Patterns

Print and cut out and colour in Milli from Team Umizoomi's pumpkin patterns. Make sure you always get a grown up to help you if you're using scissors!

Age: 3-6

XUmi Sports Activity Pack

Come join these mighty mathletes in this sports themed activity pack!

XTeam Umizoomi Geo Paper Airplane

Geo needs a great little builder to make this paper airplane!

XSuper Shapes Blueprint Puzzles

Add super shapes to the blueprints and start building with Geo!

XTeam Umizoomi Thanksgiving Activities

Math is everywhere this Thanksgiving--especially at the kids table!

XMilli, Geo and Bot

Colour in Milli, Geo and Bot from Team Umizoomi

Age: 2-4

Team Umizoomi Printables