XGeo's Lost Frog

Milli and Bot play with their stuffed animals, but Geo needs help to find his favorite frog friend!

UMI: Geo's Lost Frog
XSticky Silly Bear

Help Milli, Geo, and Bot wash all the glue off of Silly Bear using their Super Duper Super Soap.

UMI: Sticky Silly Bear
XSuitcase Shapes

Let's use our shape skills to help Geo fit all the suitcases inside the airplane to get it ready for takeoff.

UMI: Suitcase Shapes
XMixed-Up Robots

Come play a guessing game with your favorite Nick Jr. robots! Can you guess who's who?

Mixed-Up Robots
XBlock Party: Block Friends Forever

It's time to block n' roll with your Nick Jr. best friends. Sing along to this catchy Block Party tune!

Block Party: Block Friends Forever
XThe Growing Potion

When Team Umizoomi visits Zeppo the Wizard, he shows them a magic growing potion!

UMI: The Growing Potion

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