XPinkie Pals: Get Ready for School

Sing along with your favorite Nick Jr. Pinkie Pals as they get ready to learn what school is all about!

Pinkie Pals: Get Ready for School
XThe Library Adventure

Milli, Geo, and Bot are looking for a book at the library, and they need your help finding it!

UMI: The Library Adventure
XNick Jr. Face Painting: Bot

Have you ever wanted to look just like Bot? Now you can with this umi-riffic face painting!

Nick Jr. Face Painting: Bot
XUse Your Ears: Team Umizoomi

Listen carefully and test your Team Umizoomi knowledge in this video. It's time for action!

Use Your Ears: Team Umizoomi
XRunning With the Bulls

Did you know bulls love to eat apples? Bot, Geo, and Milli feed the bulls to get them to stop chasing them.

Umi: Running With the Bulls
XBubble Jumping

Help Bot jump from bubble to bubble! He must count the seconds before they pop so that he doesn’t fall!

UMI: Bubble Jumping

Team Umizoomi Videos