XInspector Eagle-Eye

Can team Top Wing pass Inspector Eagle-Eye's test and rescue him from danger?

Inspector Eagle-Eye
XMix Up Machine #14

It's another fun game of Nick Jr. Mix Up Machine! Which Nick Jr. friend will come up next?

Mix Up Machine #14
XMix Up Machine #13

It's time for another Nick Jr. Mix up machine! Which character do you think will pop up first?

Mix Up Machine #13
XBest Nick Jr. Dress Ups

It's time to go through the best Nick Jr. dress up moments with your favorite Nick Jr. friends!

Best Nick Jr. Dress Ups
XNick Jr.’s ABC’s

It's time to explore Nick Jr. all the way from A to Z. Let's see what we come up with!

Nick Jr.’s ABC’s
XMix Up Machine #12

Watch some super cool moments from your favorite characters with the Nick Jr. Mix Up Machine!

Mix Up Machine #12