XCatching Baddy

Baddy is one of the fastest fliers in the game! Will Swift be able to catch him?

Top Wing: Catching Baddy
XTop Wing Theme Song Languages

It's time to check out the Top Wing theme song in multiple languages! Sing along!

Top Wing Theme Song Languages
XGuess The Colors #2

It's time to explore colors with our favorite Nick Jr. friends. See if you can help in this video!

Guess The Colors #2
XSurprise Friend #2

So many surprise friends, who will it be next? It could be your favorite pup or your favorite rooster!

Surprise Friend #2
XHow Are They Alike?

You may think your Nick Jr. friends are very different, but they're more alike than you think!

How Are They Alike?
XMix Up Machine #15

It's time for another Nick Jr. mix up machine. Let's see which one of our friends pops up first!

Mix Up Machine #15