Nick Jr. Videos

XMonkeying Around

Animals escaped from the zoo and are monkeying around town! Rusty and Ruby must get them back to the zoo!

Rusty Rivets: Monkeying Around
XPlaying with Botasaur

When Botasaur gets tired after playing, Rusty builds him a mega-sized battery so he can keep going!

Rusty Rivets: Playing with Botasaur
XDora and Friends Little Box Song

Sing Along to Dora and Friends.

Dora and Friends Little Box Song
XStyle Files: Topiairy Style

It's stylin' time! Learn how to make a tree-rific hairstyle called a topiairy in this step-by-step video!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Topiairy Style
XStyle Files: Puppy Ears

Woof! Get stylin' with this step-by-step video and learn how to make a doggie hairdo to look just like Doodle!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Puppy Ears