Nick Jr. Videos

XForce Song

Sing Along to Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Force Song
XA Checkup for Blaze

Oh no! Something's wrong with Blaze, and it looks like only Gabby might know what to do to help!

Blaze: A Checkup for Blaze
XNick Jr. Sings: Hats

What you got to do, is find a hat that is right for you! Come and try some on together with your favorite Nick Jr. Friends

Nick Jr. Sings: Hats
XNick Jr. Villains Song

It's time to sing about your favorite Nick Jr. villains! They laugh and shriek, but they're so fun to love!

Music: Nick Jr. Villains Song
XPinkie Pals: Get Ready for School

Sing along with your favorite Nick Jr. Pinkie Pals as they get ready to learn what school is all about!

Pinkie Pals: Get Ready for School