Nick Jr. Videos

XTwo Trapped Genies

Shimmer and Shine are trapped in a bottle under Zeta's spell. Will Leah save them?

S&S: Two Trapped Genies

The Chipmunks and the Chipettes work together to win the soccer game!

ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: 'Champions'
XGrandma's Present

When Grandma gets Max a surprise present, Max ends up giving her surprise of his own!

Max and Ruby: Grandma's Present
XSuper Bunny Ring

When Ruby has trouble finding croutons at the store, Max uses his Super Bunny ring to help her find them!

Max and Ruby: Super Bunny Ring
XIce Skating Routine

When Ruby needs the ice cleared of snow so she can practice her ice skating routine, Max helps her out!

Max and Ruby: Ice Skating Routine
XCape or Crown

It's costume day for Max & Ruby! Max has the choice of being a king or Super Bunny. What will he choose?

Max and Ruby: Cape or Crown
XI Speak Spanish Song

Boots speaks Spanish and English, too! He likes them both. How about you?

Dora the Explorer: Boots' 'I Speak Spanish' Song
XMax's Paper Airplane

When Max uses a diner menu as a paper airplane, he accidentally advertises the new restaurant all over town!

Max and Ruby: Max's Paper Airplane
XBlock Party: Block Friends Forever

It's time to block n' roll with your Nick Jr. best friends. Sing along to this catchy Block Party tune!

Block Party: Block Friends Forever
XAdventures with Top Wing

Go on a real life adventure with the Top Wing cadets!

Adventures with Top Wing
X1, 2, 3 Color! Rusty and Ruby

Rusty and Ruby look ready to create their own masterpiece after this start-to-finish painting! Check it out!

1, 2, 3 Color! Rusty and Ruby