Nick Jr. Videos

XAtlantis SquarePantis Song
Atlantis SquarePantis Song
XMix Up Machine #6

Time to play another Nick Jr. Mix Up Machine! Who will pop up next?

Mix Up Machine #6
XPickle Sings the Hits

Sing along with Pickle to all of his best songs! These silly jingles are the reason we love Pickle!

Blaze: Pickle Sings the Hits
XDragon Riders

Shimmer, Shine, and Leah learn to become dragon riders!

Dragon Riders
XTop Wing A to Z

Let's explore Top Wing from A to Z. See what you can learn about your favorite cadets!

Top Wing A to Z
XTop Wing’s Top Rescues

It's time for another look at Top Wing's greatest rescues!

Top Wing’s Top Rescues
XMix Up Machine #5

It's time to play with the Nick Jr. Mix Up Machine! Which character will be up next?

Mix Up Machine #5
XTop Wing Fun Facts

Find out everything you need to know about Top Wing! Check out these fun facts!

Top Wing Fun Facts
XSpot the Bunnies

Play a game with your favorite Nick Jr. friends! Can you spot the bunnies in this video?

Spot the Bunnies
XBlock Party Adventures

Check out an awesome compilation of all of your favorite Nick Jr. Block Party videos!

Block Party Adventures
XCitizens of the Reef - Ep 2 - Reef BFF's

Unlikely Reef Friendships

Citizens of the Reef - Ep 2 - Reef BFF's