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XTime to Earn Our Wings

Brand new Top Wing cadets gather at Top Wing Academy where they will learn to pilot their vehicles.

Top Wing: 'Time to Earn Our Wings'
Full Episode
XThe First Mission

The cadets of Top Wing Academy learn all about their new rescue rides and get ready for their first mission.

Top Wing: The First Mission
XCatching Baddy

Baddy is one of the fastest fliers in the game! Will Swift be able to catch him?

Top Wing: Catching Baddy
XPull the Panda

When a giant panda starts falling off a cliff, Diego and Baby Jaguar come to the rescue!

Diego: Pull the Panda
XGo for a Drive

Vroom, vroom! Buckle up and stay safe as you go for a drive with the Gabba gang!

YGG: Go for a Drive
XGuarding the Snow Ball

Pablo and Tyrone are mounties on duty! They must guard a big snowball and make sure no one takes it!

BKYD: Guarding the Snow Ball
XTow Truck Blaze

When Crusher's engine breaks down, it's up to Gabby and Tow Truck Blaze to help!

Blaze: Tow Truck Blaze
XThe Baby Story

When Gil and Goby want to hear a story about a baby, Mr. Grouper suggests they make one up!

BG: The Baby Story
XToo Much Blue

Rusty, Ruby, and Mr. Higgins need to work together to stop the Bull Dozer with an eye for anything blue!

Rusty Rivets: Too Much Blue
XGems or Cookies?

Nazboo and his family were supposed to take Shimmer and Shine's gems, but leave with their cookies instead!

S&S: Gems or Cookies?
XMeet The Top Wing Cadets

Roll call! Meet Penny, Swift, Brody, and Rod as they start their journey to becoming rescue birds!

Top Wing: Meet The Top Wing Cadets