XNick Jr. Mix-Ups

Rusty Rivets is the best at combining and designing! Let’s see what we can make with your Nick Jr. friends.

Nick Jr. Mix-Ups
XNick Jr. Saves the Day

Save the day in a super way with your fearless Nick Jr. friends!

Silly Short: Nick Jr. Saves the Day
XShow and Tell

It's time for show and tell at school, and Gina Giant brought in a very special friend!

Wallykazam: Show and Tell
XNick Jr. Nursery Rhymes

Join Marshall, Gil, Blaze, Wally, and Stuff as they sing classic nursery rhymes with some Nick Jr. style!

Silly Short: Nick Jr. Nursery Rhymes
XNorville's Collar

When Hortis runs off with Norville's collar, Wally has to figure out how to get it back!

Wallykazam: Norville's Collar
XThe Floating Teacher

When Wally's teacher starts floating in the air, he has to figure out how to get her down!

Wallykazam: The Floating Teacher

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