XAnimal Athletes

Let's meet some animal athletes, like elephants that are expert soccer players, and rats that play basketball!

Zoofari: Animal Athletes
XAnimal Houses

Our favorite animals aren't too different from us, they live in houses just like we do!

Zoofari: Animal Houses
XVery Long Noses

Animals come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and... noses! Check out some of these very long noses.

Zoofari: Very Long Noses
XDuck Duck Goose

Ever played Duck, Duck, Goose? How about Cow, Cow, Sheep? Play along with this video.

Zoofari: Duck Duck Goose
XGuess That Animal

Time to play a guessing game with our favorite winter friends. Can you guess which animal we're describing?

Zoofari: Guess That Animal
XUnlikely Friends

Learn about different kinds of animals who have some very unlikely animal friends!

Zoofari: Unlikely Friends