XWallykazam! - Dragon Hiccups

Dragon Hiccups

XGood Hair Day

Help the Bubble Guppies stop Scissor City's super villain, The Hairball!

Age: 3-6

XPeppa visits the aquarium

Peppa visits the aquarium

XPlay Along With Sam Colouring - Clapping Hands
XSHAUN THE SHEEP - "Synchronised Swimming"

championsheeps synchronisedswimming interstitial

XDora Step By Step

Dora Step By Step

XDora Saves the Farm

And on that farm there was a ... Dora? Dora is visiting Benny's farm and needs your child's help with the animals, like getting the baby pigs back in their pigpen!

Age: 3-6

XDidi & B: DIY - "Rain Painting"
XDora and Diego Winter Sports Coloring Pack

Kids can hit the slopes with Dora & Diego in this 5-page printable coloring pack

Age: 2-3

XDID & B: Songs - "B Song"
XBubble Guppies Haunted House Party
XDora Candy Land

Dora, Diego, and their friends love to play Candy Land. Join in, board-game style, but use your mouse to make the plays.

Age: 4-6

XWallykazam! - Howl Like The Vowel E

Howl Like The Vowel E

XChase & Marshall Puzzle Pack

Mission: put the pieces together to reveal the firedog and police pup!

XTeam Umizoomi easter clip

Team Umizoomi easter clip

XMr Cool

Sing Along to ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks.

XNick Jr Paint
XBubble Guppies - Farmers
XSkye & Zuma Puzzle Pack

Mission: piece together this picture to reveal the water-loving lab & high-flying pup

XDidi & B: Playdate - "Caethan's Animals"
XDidi & B: Playdate - "Musical Instruments"
XTeam Umizoomi Aquarium Adventure

Angelfish, octopuses, seahorsesÂ… they're all missing from the tanks! With Team Umizoomi's help, gamers go on a mission to put them back before the aquarium opens.

Age: 3-6