XName That Fuzzly!

It's time for a game of Name That Fuzzly! Which fuzzlies are responsible for the messes in this video?

Abby Hatcher: Name That Fuzzly!
XThis Is How We Ride Song

Check out all of Nick Jr.'s special gadgets, jetpacks, vehicles, robots, and more in this cool music video.

This Is How We Ride Song
XLike a Girl Song

Be fearless and do it like a girl! Sing and dance to this catchy tune with your favorite Nick Jr. friends.

Like a Girl Song
XThe Fuzzly Alarm

When Abby's Fuzzly alarm goes off, it means a fuzzly is in trouble. Can she help the Fuzzly in need?

The Fuzzly Alarm
XAbby's Oath

Meet Abby Hatcher! Abby is the one and only protector of some amazing creatures called Fuzzlies.

Abby Hatcher: Abby's Oath
XAbby Hatcher Trailer

Get ready for a fuzztastic adventure with Abby, Bozzly, and the rest of her fuzzly friends!

Abby Hatcher Trailer

Abby Hatcher