Nick Jr. Apps

XBlaze Obstacle Course

Help Blaze and the Monster Machines overcome the ultimate obstacle course as Blaze speeds over land, races across water, and zooms through the air! He’ll need your help to watch out for Crusher! The only way Crusher can beat Blaze’s time is by cheating, so he’s unleashing his trickiest contraptions! Help Blaze dodge the obstacles and Crusher’s contraptions to win!

Blaze and the Monster Machines Obstacle Course
XMagical Genie Games

Get ready to explore the magical world of Zahramay Falls with Nick Jr.’s Shimmer and Shine in this magical genie game collection for kids! Play games and earn rewards to decorate your very own genie palace!

Shimmer & Shine: Magical Genie Games
XNella The Princess Knight – Kingdom Adventures Game

Help Nella and her friends on their courageous adventures; shoot arrows to help the lost birds find their way home, launch ice-creams to hungry impkins, grow vegetables with Willow and her magic seeds.

Nella The Princess Knight – Kingdom Adventures Game
XPlaytime with Shimmer and Shine

Boom Zaramay! Play with Shimmer and Shine in five magical mini-games filled with sparkling adventures in the new Playtime with Shimmer and Shine app!

Playtime with Shimmer and Shine
XHalf Shell Heroes

The official Turtles app for young learners! Join Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello on an action-filled quest through the sewers and streets of New York City.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half Shell Heroes
XPAW Patrol Pup Rescue Pack

The PAW Patrol is on the job! Join the pups for rescues and adventures in this app bundle packed with the bestselling PAW Patrol apps! Includes PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight, PAW Patrol: Pups to the Rescue, PAW Patrol Rescue Run and PAW Patrol Draw & Play

PAW Patrol Pup Rescue Pack
XEnchanted Carpet Ride

Preschoolers learn basic math concepts on an enchanted carpet ride with Nick Jr.’s mega-popular magic genies, Shimmer and Shine! Help these genies-in-training practice a little genie magic – all while learning problem solving skills endorsed by Pre-K educational experts! Shimmer and Shine: Enchanted Carpet Ride Game for iPad is an app that invites kids to fly through four magical locations in Zahramay Falls, collecting genie coins and finding hidden treasure chests along the way.

Enchanted Carpet Ride
XTeam Umizoomi Maths Racer

Get behind the wheel for Race Day in Umi City! With Team Umizoomi Racer, your child can customize and race their own car while enjoying fun pit stop math challenges so they can learn as they play!

Team Umizoomi Maths Racer
XPAW Patrol Rescue Run

PAW Patrol - to the Lookout! Ryder and the pups need your child's help to save Adventure Bay!

PAW Patrol Rescue Run
XPAW Patrol Air + Sea Adventures

Pups Take Flight is now PAW Patrol Air and Sea Adventures! Kids take to the sky and sea with the PAW Patrol pups in a game featuring the Air and Sea Patrollers and the team’s new flight suits!

PAW Patrol Air + Sea Adventures
XBack to the rainforest

Oh no! Backpack and Map have been swiped and blown away! Dora and Boots need your help to run back to the rainforest to rescue them. In the app you will run and jump through the treetops of the rainforest, reach new heights in the Flowery Garden, slide and glide down the Tallest Mountain, and race back to Playa Verde to fix Backpack who was hurt when blown away.

Back to the rainforest