XZeg Snowballs Away

Blaze has to race down a snowy hill to catch a rolling Zeg!

XBlaze and the Monster Machines: Race the Skytrack!

Learn about the science of trajectory with Blaze and AJ by playing a series of mini-games to catch Swoops’ lost rotor! Kids can help Blaze transform into a race car and practice their color-mixing skills to repair Rainbow Road on this special sky mission.

Age: 3-6

XA Jurassic Problem

When a dino-sized problem strikes, it's up to Blaze, AJ, and Zeg to save the Dinosaur Parade!

XDIY Daily - Blaze Healthy Party Snacks

Kids are sure to dig these healthy Blaze and the Monster Machines party treats!

XAJ's Nick Jr. Story

Listen to AJ tell a tale about Blaze, Starla, Rubble, Shimmer, and Shine playing in a magical forest.

XNick Jr. Sing Along: Blaze Momentum Song

Let momentum take you on a wild ride! Sing along with Blaze and friends. Just try not get carried away!

Blaze & the Monster Machines