XThe Big Loop-De-Loop

Watch Crusher and Pickle conquer the big loopdy loop while AJ and Blaze cheer them on!

Blaze: The Big Loop-De-Loop
XSpeed Into Dino Valley

Kids use STEM skills like force and lift to help Blaze save Zeg and use hand-eye coordination to earn dino tokens in this preschool adventure game.

Age: 3-6

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Speed Into Dino Valley
XCrocodile Cave

When crocodiles block their path in a tunnel, Blaze and Stripes must loop around them!

Blaze: Crocodile Cave
XDIY Daily - Blaze Healthy Party Snacks

Kids are sure to dig these healthy Blaze and the Monster Machines party treats!

DIY Daily - Blaze Healthy Party Snacks
XThe Right Track

When Crusher breaks the track, Blaze and his friends must put it back together!

Blaze: The Right Track
XNick Jr. Train Song

Sing along with Thomas and his Nick Jr. friends as they chugga chugga like a choo choo train!

Music: Nick Jr. Train Song

Blaze & the Monster Machines