XWhat's the Angle?

Blaze and AJ must identify the angle in order to make it through the recycling plant to catch the spin brush!

XBlaze and the Monster Machines: Race the Skytrack!

Learn about the science of trajectory with Blaze and AJ by playing a series of mini-games to catch Swoops’ lost rotor! Kids can help Blaze transform into a race car and practice their color-mixing skills to repair Rainbow Road on this special sky mission.

Age: 3-6

XFrozen Darington

The race is on to get Darington free from a block of ice! Can the Monster Machines take the heat?

XNick Jr. Sing Along: Blaze Elasticity Song

Get tuned up and sing along with this action-packed Blaze elasticity song.

XNick Jr. Sing Along: Blaze Adhesion Song

Sing along with this Blaze song and learn about adhesion— the reason why things stick together!

XFestive Sticker Fun

Create your own festive stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Blaze & the Monster Machines