It's hard to go the distance when you've got too much resistance. Friction can slow you down!

Blaze: Friction
XNick Jr. World!

Jump into a world of adventure, with our game Nick Jr. World! Create your own avatar before playing with and helping your Nick Jr. friends including Blaze, Shimmer & Shine, the Top Wing Cadets and Butterbean!

Nick Jr World! (International)

When it's time to move, you're gonna need a smashing, rocking, and rolling force to get you going!

Blaze: Force
XPRINT - DIY Daily: Day 14 - Blaze Vehicle Craft
PRINT - DIY Daily: Day 14 - Blaze Vehicle Craft
XUse Your Ears

Listen up to help Tracker figure out which Nick Jr. character is making each sound.

Use Your Ears
XMix Up Machine #19

Help the Bubble Guppies, Blaze, and his monster machine friends in this mix up machine video full of games!

Mix Up Machine #19

Blaze & the Monster Machines