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XNick Jr. - The Smart Place To Play!

Nick Jr. - The Smart Place To Play!

XGood Hair Day

Help the Bubble Guppies stop Scissor City's super villain, The Hairball!

Age: 3-6

XLearn How to Draw Mr. Grouper!

Learn how to draw the guppies' teacher Mr. Grouper from Bubble Guppies!

XBubble Guppies Jokes Book

Get your Guppies fan giggling with this pocket-sized printable book

XHome Sweet Tree

Deema helps a bird and a bunny find the perfect home in a tree.

XBig Blue Basketball

Deema's Big Bouncy Ball Bazaar has many kinds of balls, but Molly's looking for something specific.

XFriendship Garden

At Nick Jr. we need kids' help to create a beautiful Friendship Garden! Work with Chase, Rocky, Blaze, Molly, and Gil to collect all the items they'll need to plan, plant and perfect the garden. When kids are done, Shimmer and Shine will use their magic to bring everything together!

Age: 3-6

XStuck in a Tree

When Bubble Puppy chases a squirrel up a tree, he can’t “leaf” on his own!

XBubble Guppies Spot The Difference

See if you can spot the 5 differences between these two Bubble Guppies pictures

Age: 3-4

XHow Many Stamps?

Help weigh and stamp packages with Nonny.

XOnce Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a group of Bubble Guppies who loved to sing about fairytales.

XNick Jr. Firefighters

Molly, Marshall, and Blaze need help earning their firefighter rescue badges! Come on!

Age: 3-6

XBall Hog

When the Ball Hog takes their football and their soccer ball, how will Oona and Dema deal with him?

XBubble Guppies Egg Template

Print off this template and decorate your egg as Puppy from the Bubble Guppies

Age: 2-4

XIt's a Beautiful Day

Put your jackets away because spring is heading our way! Molly and the Bubble Guppies gang sing about this beautiful spring day.

XRock and Roll Guppies

The Bubble Guppies take the stage with their guitars, drums and keyboards. These Guppies totally ROCK!

XFirefighter Knights to the Rescue!

Oh No! There's a fire breathing dragon flying around the kingdom. Will you help Molly and Gil find him and put out the fires?

Age: 2-5

XBuilding the Best Dog House Ever!
XBubble Guppies Choose The Right Ball Activity Pack 2

Age: 2-4

XGet Up and Dance!
XLearn How To Send a Parcel
XAmazing Bubble Puppy

Bubble Guppies - Amazing Bubble Puppy

XBubble Guppies Haunted House Party
XBubble Guppies Choose The Right Ball Activity Pack 3

Age: 2-4

XBubble Guppies - Farmers
XBuddy Like You Song

Grab your buddy and sing along to this tune about fantastic friends!

XBubble Scrubbies

Molly (Tissue Girl) and Gil (Soaper Boy) need your kid’s heroic help to capture Running Nose, clean up his acts, and prevent germs from spreading to the town folks!

Age: 3-6

XA Photogenic Platypus

Deema and Oona are in Australia! Help them find a Platypus for Oona to photograph!

XBubble Guppies Choose The Right Ball Activity Pack 4

Age: 2-4

XBubble Ballerinas

The Bubble Guppies learn all about what it takes to become a ballerina.