XButterbean's Cafe - Meet The Characters
Butterbean's Cafe - Meet The Characters
XCupcake Creator

Help Butterbean whip up some delicious cupcakes to satisfy all the Brookies needs in Butterbean’s Café: Cupcake Creator!

Butterbean's Cafe: Cupcake Creator
XButterbean's Cafe Official Theme Song

With a flick of her whisk and a flutter of wings, Butterbean's Cafe is open for business! Sing along to this catchy tune with Butterbean, Poppy, Dazzle, Jasper, and Cricket.

Butterbean's Cafe Official Theme Song
XButterbean's Cafe Theme Song
Butterbean's Cafe Theme Song
XNick Jr. Cook Off

It's time for a Nick Jr. Cook off! Check out the competition and see who can serve up the tasiest treat!

Nick Jr. Cook Off
XNick Jr. Nursery Rhymes: Patty Cake

Patty Cake, Patty Cake! Sing along with Nick Jr. in this catchy nursery rhyme tune.

Nick Jr. Nursery Rhymes: Patty Cake

Butterbean's Cafe