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XNick Jr. - The Smart Place To Play!

Nick Jr. - The Smart Place To Play!

XDora Saves the Farm

And on that farm there was a ... Dora? Dora is visiting Benny's farm and needs your child's help with the animals, like getting the baby pigs back in their pigpen!

Age: 3-6

XDriving with Benny

Go for a spin with Dora, Boots and Benny--but watch out for those cones!

XDora and Diego Winter Sports Coloring Pack

Kids can hit the slopes with Dora & Diego in this 5-page printable coloring pack

Age: 2-3

XBenny's Go-Cart Race

Benny is about to start his first race when his go-cart breaks down! Help Dora and Boots put it back together.

XI Love My Boots

What's red, shiny and completely loveable? Boots' boots!

XDora Candy Land

Dora, Diego, and their friends love to play Candy Land. Join in, board-game style, but use your mouse to make the plays.

Age: 4-6


Things are a changin'! Dora sings "Caliente" when Winter turns into Spring!

XDora Rocks Puppets

Print these puppets to get the sing-along party started

XTouch Your Toes

Touch your toes and tickle the sky. Dora will show you how!

XTreasure Island

Argh! Dora and Boots meet Pirate Pig for the very first time.

XPerrito's Puppy Tricks

Dora is training her puppy, Perrito, to fetch, roll over, sit, and jump. Can you help?

Age: 3-5

XDora's Ballet Adventure

Dora and Boots need to find the missing ballet slippers before the recital begins!

XDora's Halloween Costume Certificate

Present your costumed kids with an award from Dora at your Halloween party!

XDora Ballet Adventure

Dora Ballet Adventure Promo

XDora’s Christmas Eve Party

Dora Chrismtas Carol 1 video

XLittle Cooks

Dora is baking a cake and needs your help!

XDora's Travels in Troll Land

Dora's Travels in Troll Land

XDora's King Unicornio Crown

Crown your little explorer for being kind, smart, brave, and strong like King Unicornio!

Age: 3-4

XDora’s Halloween Parade

Dora Halloween clip

XBenny's Baseball Team

Benny's Baseball Team

XDora Rocks Sing-Along Game

That sneaky fox, Swiper, has swiped Dora's special microphone and instruments. She needs your child's help to get them back for Benny's big sing-along party!

Age: 3-6

XDora Step By Step

Dora Step By Step

XDora's Map & Backpack Coloring Page

Save your place in this garden party!





XChristmas Carol Adventure

Swiper needs your help! Collect presents and then listen to the clues to figure out which shape, color, and patterned box holds the right present.

Age: 3-5

XDORA THE EXPLORER: Bedtime Stories - Billygoat Gruff


XStar-Catching Storybook

Go on a star-catching expedition with Dora!

Age: 4-5

XThe Amazing Animal Circus

Boots and Baby Jaguar are surprising Dora and Diego with an Amazing Animal Circus and you're invited!