XStories: Ana's Dora the Explorer Story

Listen to Ana tell a tale about Dora, Boots, and Benny, and their pasta-filled adventures.

Stories: Ana's Dora the Explorer Story
XDora's Dot to Dot

¡Vamos a contar! Let’s count with Dora! Preschool kids can complete each puzzle by looking at the numbers on the stars to connect them in the right order. Each puzzle will reveal an item Dora and Boots need for their sleepover fiesta! Kids can keep playing to discover new items like Dora’s bracelet, Backpack, and a banana for Boots. When connecting the dots, preschoolers are practicing their counting skills, while also learning numbers and short phrases en Español.

Age: 3-6

Dora's Dot to Dot
XDIY Boots

DIY Boots from Dora The Explorer with clay

DIY Boots
XDora Halloween Colouring
Dora Halloween Colouring
XDIY Boots with Dots

DIY Boots from Dora The Explorer with dots

DIY Boots with Dots
XCelebrate Holiday Traditions With Dora
Celebrate Holiday Traditions With Dora

Dora the Explorer