XMax and Lily's Playdate

When Max and Lily can no longer play dodgeball during their playdate, they make up a brand new game to play!

Max and Ruby: Max and Lily's Playdate
XRuby's Soccer Shootout

It's a great day for soccer. But Roger's toy robots are out on the field. Guide Ruby to kick the ball and avoid the robots.

Age: 4-6

Ruby's Soccer Shootout
XA Hoppin' Good Time

It's show & tell time in Max's class, and Max has just the thing to get the room jumping!

Max and Ruby: A Hoppin' Good Time
XRuby Coloring Page

Ruby's a colorful character. Help her prove it.

Age: 3-4

Ruby Coloring Page
XMax's Jam Band

Forget punk rock, this is junk rock! Watch Max form a band with instruments made out of all sorts of clutter!

Max and Ruby: Max's Jam Band
XParty Outfits

When Ruby invites Max to a Bunny Scout Party, Max needs to figure out what to wear.

Max and Ruby: Party Outfits