XNick Jr. Mix Ups: Funny Friends

What happens when Nella combines with a kite? Find out and see more fun Nick Jr. mix ups!

XSuper Fan Quiz: the Fast and the Furriest

Start your engines, super fans! It's time to test your knowledge of Nick Jr.'s fastest and furriest friends!

XA Legendary Rescue

Embark on a mythical quest with Nella and her friends to uncover the legend of the fabled Bafflin!

XRunaway Friendship Float

After Trinket's big sneeze makes it go flying, Nella has to stop the friendship float before it gets away!

XHow To Clay: Nella the Princess Knight

It's clay time! Check out how to clay this crafty Nella the Princess Knight!

XNick Jr. Sing Along: Nella Manners Song

Sing along with Nella and her friends as they give Smelgly, the dragon, some advice on having good manners!

Nella the Princess Knight