XRuby Takes Flight

Rusty, Botasaur, and the Bits help Ruby land her plane in the dark by building the Flying Rotolight 5000.

XRusty Dives In

Help Rusty retrieve Ruby’s tablet from the fins of a ninja fish by using Whirly’s claw to fish for parts and then build a high-powered submarine in this game.

Age: 3-6

XA Boatload of Fun

When a rogue seagull steals the blueprints to Liam's sand castle, it's up to Rusty to build a solution!

XDIY Daily - Tangram Activity Pack

Kids can learn shapes and engineering through play with this free printable!

XPower-Packed Adventures

It's time to amp up the energy with your Nick Jr. friends! Sing along while learning about kinetic energy.

XMr. Wobblesworth

Rusty and Ruby build the Emergency Rescue Robo-Spider 8000 to rescue Liam's stuffed animal, Mr. Wobblesworth.

Rusty Rivets