XCreature Seekers

Rusty, Ruby, and Liam team up to capture a picture of a mysterious creature lurking in the woods!

XBits on the Fritz

Rusty and Ruby need help collecting all the copies of the Bits! First, your child can go for a drive with Rusty or Ruby to collect parts for a new vehicle that they'll use to find all the copies. Then, head to the Rivet Lab with Rusty to build his new invention, the Super Bit Fix Trap Action Contraption 5000. Gamers can use the cool contraption to find copies of the Bits and clean up Sparkton Hills. Ready? Let's kick it into gear!

Age: 3-6

XA Plan for the Dam

Rusty and Ruby need Botasaur's help as they move a big tree to support the leaky beaver dam.

XDIY Daily - Tangram Activity Pack

Kids can learn shapes and engineering through play with this free printable!

XFluffy the Mechanical Animal

When Fluffy, Ruby's mechanical animal, climbs up a mountain with Rusty, Ruby must find a way to get them down.

XBit Beats

In the mood for music? Give the Bits a beat and dance along with your favorite friends from Rusty Rivets!

Rusty Rivets