XNick Jr. Face Painting: Bot

Have you ever wanted to look just like Bot? Now you can with this umi-riffic face painting!

Nick Jr. Face Painting: Bot
XUmi Ready Set Solve It

Let¹s play Umi games in the park with Milli, Geo, and Bot! Join the Umiz for fun with bubbles, kites and even a game of hide-and-seek!

Age: 3-6

Team Umizoomi: Ready Set Solve It
XUse Your Ears: Team Umizoomi

Listen carefully and test your Team Umizoomi knowledge in this video. It's time for action!

Use Your Ears: Team Umizoomi
XSpot The Differences Printable Page!

Print out this festive inspired Team Umizoomi page and spot the differences between the pictures!

Age: 2-4

Team Umizoomi: Spot The Differences Printable Page
XRunning With the Bulls

Did you know bulls love to eat apples? Bot, Geo, and Milli feed the bulls to get them to stop chasing them.

Umi: Running With the Bulls
XBubble Jumping

Help Bot jump from bubble to bubble! He must count the seconds before they pop so that he doesn’t fall!

UMI: Bubble Jumping