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XNick Jr. - The Smart Place To Play!

Nick Jr. - The Smart Place To Play!

XTeam Umizoomi Aquarium Adventure

Angelfish, octopuses, seahorsesÂ… they're all missing from the tanks! With Team Umizoomi's help, gamers go on a mission to put them back before the aquarium opens.

Age: 3-6

XPinkie Pals: Anything to Help My Friends

Sing along with finger puppets Milli, Geo, and Bot as they perform an umi-riffic tune.

XTeam Umizoomi Geo Paper Airplane

Geo needs a great little builder to make this paper airplane!

XHow Do Sprinklers Work?

There's an elephant sprinkler at the water playground in UmiCity. Learn how it works with Team Umizoomi.

XTeam Umizoomi - Umi Egg Hunt

Team Umizoomi - Umi Egg Hunt

XFire Truck Rescue

The alarm at the Umi City Fire Station is ringing! Oh no-a kitty is stuck in a high tree! Team Umizoomi needs your child's help to collect rescue gear and save the day.

Age: 3-6

XLost Chicks in the City!

Little Lost Chicks in the City

XSuper Shapes Blueprint Puzzles

Add super shapes to the blueprints and start building with Geo!

XShark Car

Shark Car

XMaths Song!

Team UmiZoomi - Maths song (ep 1)

XCatch That Shape Bandit

There's a shape bandit on the loose! Someone needs to stop him. UmiFriend, that someone is you! Hold on to your helmet, it's time to build racing vehicles with the team.

Age: 3-6

XTeam Umizoomi easter clip

Team Umizoomi easter clip

XTeam Umizoomi Thanksgiving Activities

Math is everywhere this Thanksgiving--especially at the kids table!

XTeam Umizoomi - Ghost Family Costume Party

Team Umizoomi Ghost Family Costume Party

XThe Magic Presto

The Magic Presto

XKite Building Adventure

Join Team Umizoomi as they build kites for the Kite Festival. Your kids will identify the shapes, figure out the patterns, and then go on to design their very own kite.

Age: 3-6

XGoing to the North Pole!

Team Umizoomi go to the North Pole

XMilli, Geo and Bot

Colour in Milli, Geo and Bot from Team Umizoomi

Age: 2-4



XTEAM UMIZOOMI - "Measure The Lake Depth"