XCatching Baddy

Baddy is one of the fastest fliers in the game! Will Swift be able to catch him?

Top Wing: Catching Baddy
XNick Jr. World!

Jump into a world of adventure, with our game Nick Jr. World! Create your own avatar before playing with and helping your Nick Jr. friends including Blaze, Shimmer & Shine, the Top Wing Cadets and Butterbean!

Nick Jr World! (International)
XTop Wing Theme Song Languages

It's time to check out the Top Wing theme song in multiple languages! Sing along!

Top Wing Theme Song Languages
XPRINT - DIY Daily: Day 13 - Top Wing Badge Craft
PRINT - DIY Daily: Day 13 - Top Wing Badge Craft
XGuess The Colors #2

It's time to explore colors with our favorite Nick Jr. friends. See if you can help in this video!

Guess The Colors #2
XSurprise Friend #2

So many surprise friends, who will it be next? It could be your favorite pup or your favorite rooster!

Surprise Friend #2
XVirtual Training Missions

Top Wing Academy is now open and kids can earn their wings by going on virtual training missions! Preschoolers can choose from stunt flying with Swift; super surfing with Brody; deep sea scouting with Penny; and off-road riding with Rod. On each mission preschoolers will help steer the cadets in the right direction, collecting as many tokens as possible and earning badges. Let’s cock-a-doodle do this!

Age: 3-6